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August 24, 2008 at 12:00 AM EDT

YRC Worldwide Subsidiary Drivers Capture two National Champion Titles at the 2008 National Truck Driving Championships

YRC Worldwide Subsidiary Drivers Capture two National Champion Titles at the 2008 National Truck Driving Championships

USF Holland driver Herschel Evans Placed 1st in the 5-Axle Class

Roadway driver Vic Wheeler Placed 1st in the 3-Axle Class

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., Aug. 24 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The operating companies of YRC Worldwide (Nasdaq: YRCW) announced today that two drivers have captured National Champion titles in their respective classes at the 2008 National Truck Driving Championships held August 19-23 in Houston, TX. Herschel Evans, city driver for USF Holland, was named National Champion in the 5-Axle Class. Vic Wheeler, linehaul driver for Roadway was named National Champion in the 3-Axle Class.

Evans has worked for USF Holland for 14 1/2 years and has been in the industry for 21 years. Based in Atlanta, GA, Evans has competed at the state level for 2 years and won both times in 2006 and 2008. In 2008, he won the 5-Axle Class State Champion. At the state competition in 2006, Evans placed first in the 5-Axle Class, was named Rookie of the Year and Grand Champion.

Wheeler has worked for Roadway for 3 years and has been in the industry for 23 years. Based in Salt Lake City, UT, Wheeler has competed at the state level in the 3-Axle Class for 7 years. Wheeler has been named Utah State Grand Champion three times, including this year and has competed at nationals three times. For the past two years Wheeler has been named the State Grand Champion.

Other top performers for YRC Worldwide subsidiaries were:

-- Bruce Amor, Roadway driver based in South Bend, IN placed 3rd in the 3-Axle Class.

-- Neil Nogues, Yellow Transportation driver based in Manchester, New Hampshire placed 3rd in the 4-Axle Class.

-- Jerry Richman, Yellow Transportation driver based in Clarksburg, West Virginia placed 2nd in the Twins Class.

"All of our drivers who participated in the national competition are among the nation's safest drivers," said Mike Smid, President and CEO of YRC North American Transportation. "The championships are always very competitive and we applaud our drivers on their exemplary performance. They demonstrate their dedication to professionalism and safety every single mile they drive."

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) sponsored The National Truck Driving Championships, also known as the "Super Bowl of Safety," where drivers competed against nearly 400 others for national titles in eight different classes of vehicles for the National Grand Champion title. The drivers accumulated points by demonstrating their driving skills and knowledge of the trucking industry through a series of tests. The drivers were also given a written examination, personal interview, pre-trip inspection test and a skills test.

To compete at the national competition, drivers must be accident-free for the 12 months leading up to the event and place first in the state-level driving championship.

In total, YRC Worldwide subsidiaries sent 69 drivers to the 2008 National Truck Driving Championships. The YRC Worldwide National Truck Driving Championships team includes the following members:

    Drivers              Class                    Service Center

    Roger Anderson       4-Axle                   Cincinnati, OH
    Chris Ballard        Sleeper                  Indianapolis, IN
    Everett Bogert       Twin Trailers            Portland, OR
    Tim Brochue          4-Axle                   Coldwater, MI
    Shawn Campos         Flatbed                  Maybrook, NY
    Don Conklin          Tanker                   South Bend, IN
    Jerry Cudmore        Tanker                   Watertown SD
    Glade Evenson        4-Axle                   Sioux Falls, SD
    Eric Halchishak      3-Axle                   Coldwater, MI
    David Hall           4-Axle                   Little Rock, AR
    Mark Hassemer        5-Axle                   Green Bay, WI
    Rick Herbert         4-Axle                   Chicago Ridge, IL
    James Hurd           Sleeper                  Billings, MT
    Kale Kapple          Tanker                   Billings, MT
    Tom Kelly            4-Axle                   Maybrook, NY
    William Krouse       Flatbed                  St. Paul, MN
    Michael Madden       Tanker                   Nashville, TN
    Paul Medders         3-Axle                   Daytona Beach, FL
    David Moore          4-Axle                   Worcester, MA
    Ed Moore             Twin Trailers            Maybrook, NY
    Neil Nogues          4-Axle                   Manchester, NH
    Bruce Quaal          Tanker                   St. Paul, MN
    Eugene Repp          Twin Trailers            Salisbury, DE
    Jerry Richman        Twin Trailers            Clarksburg, WV
    Jeramy Riggs         Straight Truck           Kansas City, MO
    Larry Tucker         Straight Truck           Louisville, KY
    Paul Unser           Flatbed                  Boise, ID
    Wade Wagemann        Twin Trailers            Aberdeen, SD
    Robert Williams      4-Axle                   Denver, CO
    Larry Wilson         4-Axle                   Portland, OR

    Roadway Drivers      Class                    Service Center

    Bruce Amor           3-Axle                   South Bend, IN
    Regnald Ansbach      Tanker                   Kansas City, KS
    Richard Beukelman    Tanker                   Portland, OR
    Star Boodooram       Straight Truck           Kearny, NJ
    Nick Caiola          Tanker                   Kearny, NJ
    Tony Dorries         3-Axle                   Ft. Worth, TX
    Laurier Dumont       5-Axle                   Concord, NH
    Kent Durant          5-Axle                   Wichita, KS
    Michael Erick        4-Axle                   Providence, RI
    Robbie Granstrom     3-Axle                   Oklahoma City, OK
    Whyman Hassel        Tanker                   Milwaukee, WI
    Thomas Jones         Flatbed                  Akron, OH
    Bill Keeling         Twin Trailers            Atlanta, GA
    Felipe Leyva         Straight Truck           Oakland, CA
    Jose Martinez        5-Axle                   Tacoma, WA
    Fernando Noel        Straight Truck           Worcester, MA
    Keith Powell         4-Axle                   Dover, DE
    Stacy Sansom         Twin Trailers            Shreveport, LA
    Julian Scott         Sleeper                  Elk Grove Village, IL
    Richard Seigle       5-Axle                   Chicago, IL
    Lynn Springer        Flatbed                  Portland, OR
    Mitch Stegner        Flatbed                  Columbia, MO
    Ron VanBibber        Tanker                   Salt Lake City, UT
    George West          Twin Trailers            Chicago, IL
    Vic Wheeler          3-Axle                   Salt Lake City, UT
    Wayne Whitburn       5-Axle                   Birmingham, AL
    Patrick Wickman      Twin Trailers            Concord, NH
    Ben Wilds            Straight Truck           Portland, OR
    Bernard Zadrozny     Straight Truck           Cheshire, CT

    YRC Regional
    Drivers              Class                    Service Center

    Scott Beal           Twin Trailers            USF Reddaway-Boise, ID
    Wade Duerksen        3-Axle                   USF Reddaway-Denver, CO
    Herschel Evans       5-Axle                   USF Holland-Atlanta, GA
    Thomas Holman        Straight Truck           USF Reddaway- Denver, CO
    Michael Mygatt       Twin Trailers            USF Reddaway-Seattle, WA
    Jeff Payne           5-Axle                   USF Reddaway-Cedar City, UT
    Russ Simpson         5-Axle                   USF Holland-Columbus, OH
    Douglas Stubbs       4-Axle                   USF Reddaway-Three Forks, MT
    Craig Tarsia         Sleeper                  USF Reddaway-Portland, OR
    Robert Wolford       Straight Truck           USF Holland-Detroit, MI

    Additional Awards Received At State Competition:

    Driver               Company                  Additional Award

    Regnald Ansbach      Roadway                  State Grand Champion
    Tony Dorries         Roadway                  Best Pretrip Award in
                                                   3-Axle Class
    Kent Durant          Roadway                  Highest Written Test
    Eric Halchishak      Yellow Transportation    State Grand Champion
    Paul Medders         Yellow Transportation    State Grand Champion
    David Moore          Yellow Transportation    Bradford W. Rayworth
                                                   Memorial Award for
    Fernando Noel        Roadway                  State Grand Champion
    Jeramy Riggs         Yellow Transportation    Rookie of the Year

    Russ Simpson         USF Holland              Rookie of the Year, Highest
                                                   Off Course Score in Pretrip
                                                   and Written Test
    Lynn Springer        Roadway                  State Grand Champion
    Wade Wagemann        Yellow Transportation    State Grand Champion,
                                                   Highest Driving Points
    George West          Roadway                  Highest Composite Score
    Vic Wheeler          Roadway                  State Grand Champion
                                                   (2nd year in a row)
    Patrick Wickman      Roadway                  State Grand Champion
    Ben Wilds            Roadway                  Best Pretrip Award
                                                   (2nd year in a row)
    Larry Wilson         Yellow Transportation    Rookie of the Year
    Robert Wolford       USF Holland              Rookie of the Year

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