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August 23, 2009 at 12:51 PM EDT

YRC, Reddaway and New Penn Professional Drivers Compete at the National Truck Driving Championships in Pittsburgh

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., Aug 23, 2009 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX News Network/ -- YRC Worldwide Inc. (Nasdaq: YRCW), is proud to announce that 57 of its subsidiaries' professional drivers competed at the 2009 National Truck Driving Championships Aug. 18-22 in Pittsburgh, Pa. YRC, a subsidiary of YRC Worldwide is proud to announce that two of their drivers have captured top awards at this year's competition.

Jesse Ballard, YRC city driver from Portland, OR has won 3rd place in the 5-Axle Class. Stacy Sansom, YRC city driver from Shreveport, LA has won 3rd place in the Twin Trailers class.

Ballard has worked for YRC for 16 years and has been in the industry for 17 years. Based in Portland, OR, Ballard has competed at the state level for 4 years and has competed at nationals twice. Ballard is a member of the Oregon Highway Watch and the National Highway Watch.

Sansom has worked for YRC for 9 years and has been in the industry for 16 years, having an injury free career. Based in Shreveport, LA Sansom has competed at the state level in 2001, 2003 and 2007 and has competed at nationals for the past two years. At the Louisiana State Truck Driving Competition, Sansom was named Driver of the Year and had the highest pre-trip score. Sansom is a Trucker Buddy participant, assisting with training and educating other drivers in state competitions.

"We are proud that 57 YRC Worldwide drivers, through their professionalism and commitment to safety, won their state competition and the right to compete at the National Truck Driving Championships," said Mike Smid, President - YRC Inc., and Chief Operations Officer - YRC Worldwide. "We congratulate these drivers on a job well done. They are examples of the dedication to safety and quality we strive for at YRC Worldwide."

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) sponsors the event, also known as the "Super Bowl of Safety," where over 400 drivers compete for national titles in eight vehicle classes of vehicles and the coveted National Grand Champion title. The drivers accumulate points through a written examination, pre-trip inspection test and a skills test.

To compete at the national competition, drivers must be accident-free for the 12 months leading up to the event and place first in their state-level driving championship.

    The 2009 YRC Worldwide National Truck Driving Championships Team:

    YRC Drivers                   Class                   Service Center

    Roger Anderson                4-Axle                  Cincinnati, OH
    Bob Baker                     Flatbed                 Salisbury, MD
    Jesse Ballard                 5-Axle                  Portland, OR
    Neal Belton                   Straight Truck          Indianapolis, IN
    Rick Beukelman                Tanker                  Portland, OR
    Randy Briggs                  Straight Truck          Salt Lake City, UT
    Shawn Campos                  Flatbed                 Maybrook, NY
    Mike Cicalese                 Twin Trailers           Kearny, NJ
    Michael Cole                  Step Van                Charlotte, NC
    Don Conklin                   5-Axle                  South Bend, IN
    William Cormier               Twin Trailers           Middletown, CT
    Kevin Dean                    Straight Truck          Atlanta, GA
    Casey Dubbs                   Straight Truck          Billings, MT
    Randy Ebinger                 5-Axle                  Manassas, VA
    Al Evans                      Tanker                  Akron, OH
    Dan Ferenczi                  Tanker                  South Bend, IN
    Duane Foreman                 3-Axle                  Minneapolis, MN
    Randy Gregory                 5-Axle                  Oklahoma City, OK
    John Guttropf                 5-Axle                  Denver, CO
    Tim Harris                    Twin Trailers           Tupelo, MS
    Rick Herbert                  4-Axle                  Chicago Ridge, IL
    Adam Hyatt                    4-Axle                  Reno, NV
    Daryl Johnson                 3-Axle                  Omaha, NE
    Bill Krouse                   Flatbed                 St. Paul, MN
    Jerry Lawrence                Twin Trailers           Denver, CO
    Alphonso Lewis                3-Axle                  Montgomery, AL
    Bill MacDonald                4-Axle                  Bellows Falls, VT
    Kevin Mailand                 Twin Trailers           Kansas City, MO
    Jeffrey Mefford               Twin Trailers           Cincinnati, OH
    David Messmer                 Flatbed                 Glendale, AZ
    David Miller                  Tanker                  Chicago West, IL
    JC Miller                     Twin Trailers           Winston-Salem, NC
    Greg Nauertz                  5-Axle                  Glendale, AZ
    Neil Nogues                   Straight Truck          Manchester, NH
    Keevin Phillips               Flatbed                 Trenton, NJ
    Keith Powell                  3-Axle                  Salisbury, MD
    Bruce Quaal                   Sleeper                 St. Paul, MN
    Mickey Rafeal                 3-Axle                  Manchester, NH
    Tony Remesch                  Flatbed                 Decatur, IL
    Stacy Sansom                  Twin Trailers           Shreveport, LA
    Rich Seigle                   5-Axle                  Chicago, IL
    Andy Smith                    Sleeper                 Portland, OR
    Lynn Springer                 Flatbed                 Portland, OR
    Scott Stroup                  Twin Trailers           Omaha, NE
    Eddie Thomasson               3-Axle                  Charleston, WV
    Paul Unser                    Straight Truck          Boise, ID
    Ron VanBibber                 Flatbed                 Salt Lake City, UT
    Rick Wickman                  Twin Trailers           Manchester, NH
    Ben Wilds                     Straight Truck          Portland, OR

    New Penn Drivers              Class                   Service Center
    Will Chrvala                  4-Axle                  Reading, PA
    Marc DiTomasso                4-Axle                  Providence, RI
    Rick Gagnon                   5-Axle                  Providence, RI
    Rich Walton                   Twin Trailers           Harrisburg, PA

    Reddaway Drivers              Class                   Service Center
    Ron Coles                     Flatbed                 Boise, ID
    Scott Colwell                 Sleeper                 Boise, ID
    Ryan Harris                   4-Axle                  Billings, MT
    Dan Istre                     Twin Trailers           Boise, ID

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