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February 28, 2000 at 12:00 AM EST

Yellow Freight System Creates New High Speed Transportation Network

Yellow Freight System Creates New High Speed Transportation Network OVERLAND PARK, Kan., Feb. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Yellow Freight System will offer expedited service to and from all major metros throughout North America after completion of a change of operations on March 12. The change allows Yellow to create a high-speed transportation network, on top of its traditional hub and spoke network, by utilizing an expanded complement of sleeper team drivers and redesigning operations in certain key cities to enable more metro-to-metro dispatching.

In the Cleveland area for example, Yellow will introduce an all-new Corridor Hub designed to greatly expand the number of expedited two-day and three-day lanes. Thanks to recently leased terminal space that more than doubles capacity in the Cleveland area, Yellow will offer 82 regular daily schedules going direct to metros throughout the continental U.S. plus numerous other direct schedules depending on shipping volume.

Yellow is now hiring more than 80 drivers and dockworkers as part of an expansion to a second terminal in the Cleveland suburb of Richfield. When the change is fully implemented, Yellow will employ approximately 1,250 full-time employees and an additional 100 part-time employees in the Greater Cleveland area.

Beginning this spring, Yellow will offer 2-day Standard Ground™ service on approximately 40 percent of the regular metro-to-metro routes in the Yellow network. 3-day Standard Ground service is offered on an additional 30 percent of routes. After the change, service to and from all of the largest U.S. metros will have been expedited by one to two days. In fact, service coverage for approximately 90 percent of all points throughout the continental U.S. will now be four days or less.

"Yellow is realizing tremendous competitive advantages from its highly efficient national linehaul network and state-of-the-art technology infrastructure," said Bill Zollars, chairman, president and CEO of Yellow Corporation (Nasdaq: YELL). "We are expediting service standards while also improving on-time performance and overall service quality.

"The enablers are the extensive process improvements that we have put in place along with the technology innovation that began more than three years ago," Zollars added. "This is a big deal. We now have a highly competitive service package that will make us top-of-mind among shippers in all industry categories."

The network changes will enable Yellow to introduce 4-day east coast-to-west coast, expedited ground service under the Exact Express™ banner. Exact Express is an air and ground service featuring same-day, next-day or any-day delivery and the industry's only 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The change will create nearly 300 job openings for drivers, dockworkers and other employees at 24 terminals throughout the country. Current Yellow employees at terminals where positions were being reduced were given first priority in filling those new positions.

Representative Examples of Optimized Service in 2000:

Baltimore to/from Chicago: 2 days

Edison, NJ to/from St. Louis: 2 days

Boston to/from Chicago: 2 days

Elizabeth, NJ to/from St. Louis: 2 days

Charlotte, NC to/from Dallas: 2 days

Chicago to/from Boston: 2 days

Cleveland to/from Kansas City: 2 days

Phila. to/from St. Louis: 2 days

Dallas to/from Chicago: 2 days

Hartford to/from Charlotte: 2 days

Dallas to/from Minneapolis:2 days

Chicago to/from Providence: 2 days

Detroit to/from Atlanta: 2 days

Dallas to/from Cincinnati: 2 days

Indianapolis to/from Dallas: 2 days Minneapolis to/from Cleveland: 2 days

Chicago to/from New Jersey: 2 days Chicago to/from Middletown: 2 days

Chicago to/from Charlotte: 2 days

Yellow has implemented more than a dozen process improvement initiatives since 1996 focusing on all the factors that contribute to service excellence. Those initiatives have resulted in:

* Faster transit times
* Greater on-time service reliability
* Flexible pickup and delivery appointments
* Reduced handling
* Improved safety practices
* State-of-the-art technology investments to deliver world class customer service

Yellow recently was named a winner of the 1999 CIO-100 Award in recognition of excellence in technology, operations and strategic thinking. CIO described Yellow as a "rapidly growing organization using technology to get closer to its customers" and especially praised Yellow for its interactive web site. Joining Yellow were companies like 3M,, AT&T, Coca Cola, DaimlerChrysler, FedEx, Hallmark, Home Depot, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Lucent, Microsoft, Southwest Airlines and Wal-Mart.

Yellow Freight System is a national carrier based in Overland Park, KS offering the widest range of services for transportation and related movement of goods and materials. Services include: Standard Ground™, featuring the most competitive service and broadest coverage in North America; Definite Delivery™, a guaranteed on-time service with 24-hour, 7-day-a week monitoring; Exact Express™, a time-definite, expedited, guaranteed air and ground delivery service. A subsidiary of Yellow Corporation, Yellow Freight System serves more than 300,000 customers and employs 23,400.

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