YRCW Officers

James L. Welch
Stephanie D. Fisher
James A. Fry
Justin M. Hall
Darren D. Hawkins
Howard Moshier
Thomas J."TJ" O'Connor
Jason T. Ringgenberg
Brianne Simoneau
Scott D. Ware

Board of Directors

Raymond J. Bromark 1*
Retired Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Douglas A. Carty 1,2,3
Chairman, Switzer-Carty Transportation Inc.
William R. Davidson
Sr. Director, Trucking Management, Inc.
Matthew A. Doheny 2,3*
President, North Country Capital LLC
Robert L. Friedman 1,3
Senior Advisor
James E. Hoffman +
Retired President, Alliant Energy Resources
Michael J. Kneeland 2,4
President and CEO, United Rentals Inc.
Patricia M. Nazemetz 2*,4
Principal and Founder, NAZ DEC LLC
James L. Welch
Chief Executive Officer, YRC Worldwide Inc.
James F. Winestock 4*
Retired Sr. Vice President for U.S. Operations, United Parcel Service, Inc.

1.Audit/Ethics Committee
2.Compensation Committee
3.Finance Committee
4.Governance Committee
+ Denotes Chairman of the Board
* Denotes Committee Chairman