YRCW Officers

Board of Directors
Raymond J. Bromark 1*,6
Retired Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Douglas A. Carty 1,2,3,6*
Chairman of Switzer-Carty Transportation Inc.
William R. Davidson
Sr. Director, Trucking Management, Inc.
Matthew A. Doheny 2,3*,5,6
President, North Country Capital LLC
Robert L. Friedman 1,3,6
Senior Advisor
Darren D. Hawkins
Chief Executive Officer, YRC Worldwide Inc.
James E. Hoffman +
Retired President, Alliant Energy Resources
Patricia M. Nazemetz 2*,4,5
Principal and Founder, NAZ DEC LLC
James F. Winestock 4*,5*
Retired Sr. Vice President for U.S. Operations, United Parcel Service, Inc.

1.Audit/Ethics Committee
2.Compensation Committee
3.Finance Committee
4.Governance Committee
5.Labor Committee
6.Business Strategy Committee
+ Denotes Chairman of the Board
* Denotes Committee Chairman